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Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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1. Why wear extra foot protection?

The obvious reason is to prevent injury and pain to the feet. The less obvious is that young players are being taught to fill the shooting lanes and block shots. Young players are going to be quicker to fill the lanes and block shots when knowing they are more completely protected.

2. Will the weight or bulk of the devices affect my skating?

No. The Shot Blocker XT’s weighs 80 gms. and the custom piece weight depends on how much of the skate the player wants protected. Complete protection of the whole skate is 170 gms/skate. The material is 2mm thick and vacuum pressed to skate therefore does not cause problems with crossover or any other part of skating.

3. How long will these devices last?

We have used the material (polypropylene-graphite composite) to make orthotics for 15 years and found the material to last years.

4. Do I have to take the devices off to have my skates sharpened?


5. Do you need my skates to do custom fit protection?

No. The Shot Blocker XT’s for the tongue protection are pre-made therefore we don’t need your skates. For the Shot Blocker XT Lite and Pro, we have pre-molded skates of all sizes available to us.

6. Should I get the standard XT or the Shorty for tongue protection?

This depends on how you wear your shin guard. Some players have a low shin guard in which the Shorty would compliment well while the XT will cover all the way up to the top of the skate.